3 Trends We’re Loving in Denim Right Now

Kut from the Kloth 2018 Denim Looks

2018 denim styles are making their way into our hearts one frayed hem at a time.

Though we may not be ready for a full Canadian Tuxedo, denim pioneers like our in-house brand Kut from the Kloth, are experimenting with new styles, ones that provide some major 70s and 90s flashbacks.

We’re all stocked up in store with our Spring 2018 denim looks. Here’s a peak at the pieces that will be helping us transition from winter to spring seamlessly.



Frayed hems with a split

Kut from the Kloth Frayed Denim Jeans

Shop the Connie Originate

Sometimes it’s good to be a little rough around the edges...literally. Your classic jean is now on trend with this subtle twist, whether it's a straight leg, bootcut or skinny jeans the frayed hem with a split is stealing the show. This detail transforms your look with an edge while still being sophisticated enough for a casual day at the office or late night cocktails.

The Reese Ankle Premier was the start of this trend and the Connie Originate brings us through to 2018. 


Two Tone Denim  

Two Tone Denim Style Kut from the Kloth

Shop the Reese Ankle Transform


The colour blocking from the two town jeans will elevate your outfit and provide a slimming style as they cut up colour right down the middle. With a modern twist, a denim with race-stripe panel or side shadow colour contrast can become the statement piece missing from your wardrobe. The two tone demin style we love? That would be the Reese Ankle Transform.


Ultra Cuffs

Connie Originate Kut from the Kloth

Shop the Catherine Boyfriend Enticement

Also known as the “boyfriend” jean, the cuffed hem gives a laid back look that pairs perfectly with more feminine accessories like a pair of pumps and a structured jacket. Though the cuff may look simple compared to the other trends we have been seeing, we all know it takes the perfect amount of material and patience to get a cuff to look the way you want it to, flawless.

Instead of trying to make a great cuff out of your skinny jeans, take a look at our Catherine Boyfriend collection, we did all the work for you so you can be on trend effortlessly.  

The best part of these denim trends that we’re loving is that you can get them all from the comfort of your home. Check out The Post Office to find all of our favourite denim trends and how to pair them without having to step into the cold!

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