Looking back at 2017: Our Best Sellers

To say that 2017 was a memorable year is an understatement. With the introduction of the new Shannon Passero Collection, we continued our mission of incorporating comfort, versatility, and quality into our design process. We worked hard to ensure that all of the clothes sold at the Post Office made every woman feel beautiful, inspired and confident.

And though we love every piece of clothing at the Post Office, our customers showed some serious love for the 10 pieces below. Here is our list of the best of the best and bonus, there is still time to incorporate these pieces into your 2018 wardrobe!

Cap Sleeve Dress

cap sleeve dress shannon passero

The Cap Sleeve Dress by Shannon Passero has been a warm-weather staple for a few years now and remained one of our most popular over 2017. The various colours made this dress perfect for nearly any season and with a fantastic pullover fit, complete with dropped dolman arms and a crewneck collar, it’s a piece for every size. Many paired it with their favourite denim jacket or blazer, let us know how you styled it in the comments. Shop the Cap Sleeve Dress!







Wave Ring

Wave Ring Puravida Canada

The Wave Ring by PuraVida was by far our most popular accessory of 2017! This beach inspired ring, available in a silver or gold finish, is simple yet adds a little personality to every hand. Shop the Wave Ring









Tummy Tuck Legging

Tummy Tuck Legging shannon passero

Our Tummy Tuck Legging was THE must-have bottom and became a necessity for every wardrobe in 2017. Made by the Post Office founder, Shannon Passero, these leggings offer support in the very best way, a comfortable support panel that keeps your core smooth all day long. These leggings provided confidence to many though 2017 and we’re sure we’ll see them again during 2018. Hurry though, there are only a few left in-store! Shop the Tummy Tuck Leggings. 






Shawl Collar Vest

Shawl Collar Vest shannon passero

Make your statement with the Shawl Collar Vest. This timeless piece provides an interchangeable look to any outfit. This vest, which is made in Canada, was coined as a wardrobe essential by Lynn Spence from CityLine. No wonder this piece is constantly flying off the shelf when in stock. Shop the Shawl Collar Vest! 









3/4 Sleeve Dress

3/4 Sleeve Dress shannon passero

We can’t say enough about the clean lines of the ¾ Sleeve Dress. It’s sleek silhouette and round neck instantly drew our customers in and helped our customers find a summer/fall staple. We’ve seen this dress styled for a day in the sun, layered up for a cool night and worn with a blazer. No wonder it made a huge impression in 2017. Get the 3/4 Sleeve Dress. 








Boatneck Stripe Poncho

Boatneck Stripe Poncho shannon passero

The response towards the Boatneck Stripe Poncho in 2017 was overwhelming. This piece allowed our customers to find a stylish alternative to their heavy winter coats. With faux fur cuffs for a splash of style and a classic stripe pattern, the Boatneck Stripe Poncho offers a creative compliment to your favourite scarves and necklaces. Shop the Boatneck Stripe Poncho. 








Reese Denim

Reese Denim shannon passero

The Reese Denim by KUT from the Kloth was one of our (especially Shannon's) favorite pieces of 2017! Designed in Los Angeles and featured in Vogue magazine, these jeans were a hit all across North America. Designed with versatility in mind, this pair of denim was suitable for any season. Look for more styles from KUT from the Kloth over 2018 at the Post Office. Get the Reese Denim! 








Paula Sweater

Paula Sweater shannon passero

2017 was the year of the Paula Sweater. This classic sweater has long been a Post Office must-have but last year its popularity grew likely due to its timeliness quality. Made of 100% cotton and in a one size fit, the Paula sweater comes in a variety of colours and is proudly made in the USA. Stay tuned over the first few weeks of January for new colour palates. Shop the Paula Sweater. 








Short Sleeve V-neck Top

Short Sleeve V-neck Top shannon Passero

Changing the way customers use the word “basics,” the Short Sleeve V-neck Top by Shannon Passero offered a gorgeous hi-lo option. The top provides women with extra coverage and we see it as an instant confidence booster. This simple V-neck was designed for comfort and style. Shop the Short Sleeve V-neck Top. 










Brushed Sweater Hooded Jacket

Brushed Sweater Hooded Jacket shannon passero

Utterly cozy and perfect for any occasion the Brushed Sweater Hooded Jacket from the Shannon Passero Collection completes every winter look. We loved the mix of herringbone-esque print and the generous hood. This jacket became a customer favourite and provided extra warmth on the coldest of days. Get the Brushed Sweater Hooded Jacket by Shannon Passero! 









As we begin the New Year, we have already begun creating our latest pieces! 2018 is a year for fashion breakthrough and we can not wait to showcase our latest pieces! If you’ve yet to visit us at the Post Office, make it a 2018 New Years resolution. Happy shopping!

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