SP Shopping: Spring Linen Staples

 Spring Linen Line at the Post Office

As the weather gets a touch warmer, we are drawn to the ever so versatile linen styles. It’s the perfect fabric to look effortlessly chic. Whether you’re looking to dress it down for a casual outfit or dress it up for a night out, there’s something in-store for you when it comes to reaping all of the benefits of linen.

Dress up your linen

Spring Linen Line at the Post Office


Don’t be afraid to dress up your linen, it’s meant to be used for all occasions so you can get the most out of your wardrobe. The linen crew dress makes for a versatile day to night style, coming in a variety of colours (our two favourites here in sky blue and honey) can be accessorized with a long necklace and strappy heels to have you ready to spring into the new season that’s almost here!


Comfort cut linen

Spring Linen Line at the Post Office | Comfort Cut Poncho

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Linen is one of the most comfortable fabrics for mobility and movement. The linen mesh poncho is a breath of fresh air, as one of our lightest linens, it’s an easy transitional piece with a flattering fit to get you from the office to errands without wearing you down. As a favourite here at the Post Office, we guarantee you won’t be able to name a place you can’t wear this.


The new dress shirt

Match Point Linen Canada | button up linen blouse

Classic button up shirt is getting an upgrade, linen has taken over to bring you class and comfort so you can look polished and dress it up or down to your preference. What we love about a button up linen blouse is that the fabric allows for the blouse to maintain its structure making you look professional when it’s tucked into a skirt or pant. It can also take on a casual look when it's untucked hanging over a pair of tights or a cuffed jean.



Asymmetrical Hem

Asymmetrical Linen Styles

Just another reason to love linen, it can make for a great layering piece! If you’re going to purchase a linen for the first time make sure you go for the ¾ crossover sleeve, layering it over a dress, pants, capris, a skirt, you name it will give you the most out of your purchase. This is one of our favourite travel-friendly pieces right now, you can see how we’ve styled it here. Available in four colours, this easy, relaxed fit linen will have you asking yourself why you’re entire closet isn’t filled with this versatile fabric?


Linen can be one of the most functional fabrics when it comes to fashion, we not only love it for its ability to bring us personalized looks for our lifestyles but also for its absorbency. Spring may be farther away than we would like, but as the warmer days do come be ahead of the trend and visit the Post Office for our full linen collection to keep you looking chic and feeling cool for the season ahead!

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