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Antoinette D’Angelo

I love visiting wineries and el fresco dining. Nothing better than good food and conversation. I enjoy visiting little towns and checking out the lovely shops that line the streets and going to see live theatre.

The Culture

I have a panache for beautiful tactile stationery and paper products. I am intrigued by artful creative people who are mindful of the environment in their practices. I love quality craftsmanship that is not rushed, but obsessed over in every detail. Thus, I decided to open a paper shop and fill it with all of the things I love. I believe it is important to surround oneself with beauty, nature, inspiring people; and living mindfully.

Spring has sprung!

What does the fresh air have you doing? I love playing outdoors. Running, cycling, bocce ball and gardening are some of my favourite past-times. I also love entertaining or simply lounging with a good book.

Antoinette D’Angelo


What is your latest fashion obsession?

Classic black and a little white is my go to look. In the summer I like a little more flirty feminine look and some colour. I also adore boho luxe clothing. It is such a free spirited way to dress. Chanel, Ellie Saab are some of my runway favourites. I love natural fibres and fabrics, nothing like linen or fine cottons.

Whose style have you been copying lately?

I love Kate Moss’s look – a combination of hippy, punk and glam rock. She makes it look effortless. But I also love the classic style of Jackie O’ – glamorous yet uncomplicated.

What has you going back again & again for restaurants in Niagara?

Organic, fresh vegetarian options. I love the farm to table philosophy and knowing where my food is coming from. Weekend is coming, how will you treat yourself? I love Sunday’s because it is my one day off. It begins with café au lait in bed while I browse through my favourite blogs or Instagram. Then it’s off for a run. The afternoons are usually spent with friends and family.

Ruth Unrau

Brand Ambassador Ruth Unrau has become our go-to thought leader, speaker, coach, trainer and interviewer for entrepreneurs and rising leaders. Ruth’s coaching clients have branded their meetings as “T-Ruth sessions” because of her unique and effective approach to coaching and leadership development.

Ruth is an active and dedicated volunteer who believes that strong communities are built by individuals that can express their ideas, get involved, and take action. Ruth has an extensive list of organizations and causes where she has volunteered her time and expertise. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce and is the Co-founder and Chair of Women in Niagara.

The Trend

My husband and I are in a transition phase and are, I guess you could say, “semi-retired” (or at least we’re trying!). We have been taking more and more time for ourselves. We bought a motor coach and we’re looking forward to taking some long trips in every direction, as well as doing some biking and golfing!

The Hangout

Coffee Shops – locally owned and operated! Mahtay Café in downtown St. Catharines is on my list. Truly my favourite hangout these days is On the Front Café in Thorold. I’ve turned it into my “office.” Whenever I have a meeting – it is definitely my go-to place.

Ruth Unrau


Fall is Coming – What’s in store?

I love it when the weather turns a bit cooler and the air becomes crisp. It seems that everyone develops a new energy and enthusiasm — it’s contagious! I’ve got some projects brewing that I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into. I’ll also take some time to take a road trip or two and soak in the beauty of Autumn!

What is your latest fashion obsession?

I love how casual and comfortable has become the new “chic.” I’m a big fan of denim – I love the flexibility of what you can do with it.

Whose style have you been copying lately?

I can’t think of anyone! I think I inherited a style sense from my Mom and so I guess you could say that she’s my fashion icon. If you can find others that love casual comfort with a bit of funky flair – that’s who I copy!