a curated, collaborative culture

Shannon and her team have travelled the world to uncover many one-of-a-kind products with special attention to collaborate with talented artisans. With a well versed variety of employees, the team is made up of individuals who bring their uniqueness to help create the vibe at The Post Office. These are the staff who will greet you at the front door with a smile, and provide you with excellent customer service and knowledge with every visit. Get to know them! Because without them, none of this would be possible.



When we ask Kathy why she loves retail her answer is always, “I love making my customers happy and building their wardrobe”. With over 15 years of retail experience, Kathy is always smiling and is an asset as our retail manager.

Why is fashion your industry?
Women enjoy a little retail therapy and time to themselves. I love it when they leave with and outfit they feel good in and they can't wait to wear it.

What is your signature piece?
The boat neck skinny.

What does every woman need in her wardrobe?
A great selection of scarves and a good bra!!




Right out of University, Alicia takes care of all the Website & Special Events happening at Shannon Passero. Always up for adventure, her bags are ready and packed to travel to Thailand & New York for buying trips. Her favourite part of her job? “Working for a company I can believe in…knowing where and how my clothes are made is super important to me and is something everyone should be conscious of”.

Why is fashion your industry?
Fashion is one of the art forms that allows people of all genders, and sizes to feel good about themselves. Having a part in the decision making process on what makes anyone feel confident and happy about what they wear everyday is the best feeling in the world.

What is your signature piece?
Black Denim.

What does every woman need in her wardrobe?
Every woman needs a power outfit. A great fitting white Tee.

Alicia Vizzari | Website and Events Manager



Paula has been in retail for over 30 years & is our personal styling guru. She can help anyone find the perfect outfit for all occasions. Paula has owned her own stores, and has known (and worked with!) Shannon since she was young.

Why is fashion your industry?
I love fashion. I have been in fashion my entire life. I love working with people, putting things together, and I like to think I always make the right decision when helping people.

What is your signature piece?
Cashmere Scarves. Anything cashmere I love.

What does every woman need in her wardrobe?
A white blouse and a denim jacket.

Paula Ratkovsky | Personal Shopper