Pop Up Shop Opportunities

be local. go local. shop local.


We love to support local artisans! Apply to be part of our Saturday pop-up tent that runs early June to September that features a different local artisan.


We will schedule a Saturday from 10am-5pm (flexible based on sales).

- You arrive with your products ready to sell!

We will provide:

- A 10x10 Tent

- 1 6 Foot Table

- 1 Green Table Cloth

- 2 Chairs and 1 Garbage Can

- 1 Chalkboard Sign with your company name

We ask you please provide signage and pricing for your product!

We will have the schedule made at least 2 weeks in advance and promote you on all social media platforms. Please provide us with a logo and your website so we can share.

In return, we ask for 20% of sales back at the end of the day.

Some key tips to success at The Post Office are:

· Welcome – make every customer feel like they are welcome by greeting them. Be engaged!

· Experience – we offer an innovative experience at The Post Office and we want to continue that with all of our local vendors.

· Attention/Observation – Product knowledge is key and our customers love to learn. Fill them in on what makes your product so special.

· Details – Details are everything. We want every customer’s experience to be amazing, be sure to provide a full experience from start to finish with each guest.

To apply please fill in the form below.