Why Should You Be Wearing Lisette L Pants? Oprah Does!

How many times have you looked at the cover of O Magazine?  How many times have you bought one of Oprah’s favourite things?

Oprah loves Lisette L pants.  She’s worn them three times on the cover of her magazine and has taken Canadian owner and designer Lisette Limoges on her The Life You Want tour. Oprah describes them on her website as”ankle-length magic pants.”

Oprah isn’t the only celebrity to wear Lisette.  Today show host Kathie Lee told her audience that Lisette L are her favourite pants.  Even Taylor Swift  is said to wear them.

“We believe in Lisette L so much they are the only work/dress pants in our store. The chic pull-on fashion pants are incredibly comfortable and fit all body shapes” says Shannon Passero.

“As a Canadian designer myself I also want to support other Canadian designers.”

Lisette L are great for all occasions – from urban living to an elegant evening out.

You can buy them online at or in our store Shannon Passero The Post Office in Thorold, Ontario in Niagara.

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