Spring Cleaning Has Never Been So Much Fun!

With the warmer temps and flowers blooming we’re ready to throw open our windows and let the sunshine in!  But with all the showers most of our windows are looking little dull and we’re all ready to do a little spring cleaning.  Don’t worry though we’ve got an amazing line up of fun products that will make your spring cleaning a little more fun and easier too.

First up is our favourite all natural, locally made cleaning line – Maison Apothecare. This is a must have in every house hold. Maison Apothecare is a locally based cleaning company that uses all natural, plant-based ingredients and recycled containers!  To learn more about Maison Apothecare check out our favourite store merchandiser’s Maison Apothecare video on our YouTube channel!

Next up are our favourite Multi-purpose Pot Scrubbers! You don’t have to take our word for it – they really are The World’s Best. (It says so right on the label!) These long lasting, rainbow coloured scrubbes can be used for cleaning almost everything inside and outside the home — and by everything we mean glass, ceramic.. you name it!

If rainbow pot scrubbers aren’t fun enough, you need to check out Kattinatt Dishcloths! These amazingly fun cloths are a Scandinavian invention and a product you would find in most Scandinavian kitchens. It is a thin flat sponge made of cellulose fiber and recycled cotton. The colours on the patterns are 100% vegetable dye. The idea behind the eco-friendly cleaning dishcloth is simple – to bring function and attractive design and colour to your home.

Before you start your Spring Cleaning be sure to visit us in store or online to these fantastic products. Happy Cleaning!

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