SP Personal Shopping: Our Top 5 Christmas Gifts under $20

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift but don't want to spend more than $20?

We're here for you. Our team has selected 5 perfect gifts under $20 from the Post Office. Whether you have a pre-set secret Santa limit, are looking for a fun stocking stuffer or simply just want to keep your Christmas spending under control, we’ve got you.

Here are our top 5 gifts under $20:

Big Buck Bracelet

1. Big Buck Bracelet- 15$

Detailed with a wooden clasp, this one size beaded bracelet comes from Bali and is available in over 10 colours. A perfect addition to any gift this holiday season.



Brass Dog Tag

2. Brass Dog Tag - 15$

Know a new Mamma or a fearless Sagittarius? They’ll love the sentiment behind the Brass Dog Tag necklace. This stylish piece of jewelry comes with various sayings, allowing you to find a perfect fit for anyone on your list. We recommend this as a stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift! Priced at only $15 this find comes in under budget.


Initially Yours Mug

3. Initially Yours Mug $19.99

The elegant script of 18th century France inspired the hand-crafted lettering in our Initially Yours collection. Individually boxed, these oversized porcelain mugs make an ideal for those people on your list who love a good cup of tea or coffee. We’ve covered the alphabet, you’ll find A-P, R-T, V, W, Y. Best yet? They’re microwave and dishwasher safe.



Kattinatt Dishcloth

4. Kattinatt Dishcloth $6.50

Who doesn't love a Swedish dishcloth? Add a little personality to your dishwashing routine with these eco-friendly and super cheery dishcloths. They're made with natural dyes and compostable fabrics, this gift is made for the environmentally friendly person on your Christmas list. 




Global Giving Ornament

5. Global Giving Ornament - $12.50

The Global Giving Ornament is a great gift for any teacher. These Canadian handmade pewter ornaments come in a variety of styles and 10% of all proceeds are donated to fund philanthropic projects, including planting trees.



Visit us in-store and online to view our selection of gifts under $20. Also, don’t forget that we offer free gift wrapping. Happy Holidays!

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