Catching Up with Joanne Van Liefland of Wrap it Up Raw

Since receiving the Shannon Passero Women’s Business Grant I have been collaborating with website designers to create a first-class website, that includes professional photography; to be up and running in a few weeks ( We are now manufacturing a large wrap that allows the business to expand its product shelf. The grant also provides the opportunity to join organizations that will promote industry connectivity, and investigate the automation of our manufacturing process.

"I have many people to thank who have supported WRAP IT UP RAW™. Some in small incremental ways as mentioned and others, who have made very large contributions, like Shannon Passero, who bestowed upon me the recognition of being a Recipient of the 2014 Shannon Passero Women’s Business Grant Program.

A lot has happened in three years and it has been as challenging as it has been rewarding. I look forward to the future where I see WRAP IT UP RAW™ all over the world.

The journey continues.

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