Donation Non-Medical Mask/Cap

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Shannon Passero Design



Please note: you will not be receiving a mask.

This contribution helps us to continue to provide masks and surgical caps to Niagara Health System and Community Care.

We've partnered with our women’s co op  to create non-medical masks  and surgical caps for donation, from our overstock fabric which will be donated. 

We are working with Community Care St. Catharines & Thorold, and Niagara Health System. They will be  distributing the masks to approved visitors to hospitals, discharged patients as they reintegrate into the community and vulnerable members of the broader community and  to help prevent disease transmission.

Each $5.00 donation will provide one machine washable mask or cap. This covers the cut & sew cost for one mask.  We are donating all mask materials and covering any associated transportation costs. 

If you’re in a position to support this cause, please consider doing so and sharing. 

* These masks are not suitable for treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms.  The goal is to free up the use of government-approved medical masks for the purpose of treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms