Our 2014 Grant Winners

Now, more than ever, it is time to instill confidence in woman entrepreneurs. I want to encourage creative business women with a focus on introducing and developing new innovative products.

Introducing the winners and runner-up for the second annual 2014 Shannon Passero Women In Business Grant Program.

Sue-Ann Staff Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery Shannon Passero Women In Business Grant winners

Sue-Ann Staff – Sue-Ann Staff Estate WineryWinner

Sue-Ann is an award winning winemaker vinifying wines on her family’s 200 year old estate in Jordan. In the 5 short years that the winery has opened, it has played host to many community and corporate events plus weddings. In 2015, an exciting new brand named “Fancy Farm Girl” will be available in 62 LCBO stores across Ontario.

Joanne Van Liefland Wrap it up Raw 2014 Shannon Passero Women In Business Grant winners

Joanne Van Liefland – Wrap it up Raw Winner

Joanne is the creator and founder of Wrap It Up ~ Raw™. This 52-year-old Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Fitness Instructor, mother-of-two, is inspired to help people make The Nutrition Connection: the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Her vegan, organic, raw, wheat/dairy/gluten-free wraps has canbe purchased at over 60 independent health and fine-food stores throughout Ontario.

Donna Chamberlain Chevy Lane Fabrications 2014 Shannon Passero Women In Business Grant Winners

Donna Chamberlain – Chevy Lane FabricationsRunner Up

Donna combines her interest in recycling, and her background in the metal fabrication industry to design and supply customized recycling and waste diversion products. She uses her experience in working with many trial and pilot projects to help clients implement or grow their own unique programs with products that are designed to address obstacles and challenges to meet their waste diversion goals.

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