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INSPIRING WOMEN from Start to Finish

Shannon Passero revealed the winners of her annual Women’s Business Grant on Friday. From left, Jolene Antle of Garden City Essentials, Passero, and Jackie Troup of Blossom Bakery.

Introducing this grant program in 2013 was meaningful, since the year marked Passero’s 15th year in business, the opening of her new Retail Store and Design Studio and her 40th birthday.

The SHANNON PASSERO Women’s Business Grant Program seeks applicants from businesses that have a women in a significant leadership role, Ontario based businesses that combine the principles of social consciousness, sustainability, and innovation to create new businesses or invigorate existing ones.

In addition to key social principles, an essential for each applicant is a solid business plan and a strategy for long term growth. The two grant recipients’ receive $12,500 each, with the intention to inspire women to pursue new opportunities and creative solutions that will move their business forward in a sustainable way.

“Now, more than ever, it is time to instill confidence in woman entrepreneurs. I want to encourage creative business women with a focus on introducing and developing new innovative products,”  says Passero. “It is so important to have someone believe in your work and in this economic climate, I hope to empower new opportunities through this financial support”.

2017 Application will be online June 19th 2017


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