The Post Office Gallery

Visit The Post Office Gallery to check out these amazing local artists.

The Post Office Shannon Passero Art Gallery is a featured space to showcase the local artists in the community. We strive to supporting local in everything we do, and in 2015 the Art Gallery was launched with intentions of allowing our guests to get a look into the talent that surrounds us. We invite you to stop by and get a glimpse of our Art Gallery on your next visit in.

To inquire on being our next local artist, please send us an email at

Our Current Artist – Geoff Farnsworth

August 9, 2017 to October 10, 2017

Previous Artists

Beckie DiLeo
December 7th 2016 • February 7th 2017

Ariadni Harper
February 9th • April 11th 2017

Kim Rempel
April 12th • June 7th 2017

Sandy Middleton
June 8th • August 8th 2017

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