Introducing Brand Ambassador Antoinette D’Angelo

The Hangout

I love visiting wineries and el fresco dining. Nothing better than good food and conversation. I enjoy visiting little towns and checking out the lovely shops that line the streets and going to see live theatre.

The Culture

I have a panache for beautiful tactile stationery and paper products. I am intrigued by artful creative people who are mindful of the environment in their practices.  I love quality craftsmanship that is not rushed, but obsessed over in every detail.  Thus, I decided to open a paper shop and fill it with all of the things I love.   I believe it is important to surround oneself with beauty, nature, inspiring people; and living mindfully.

Spring has sprung!  What does the fresh air have you doing?

I love playing outdoors.  Running, cycling, bocce ball and gardening are some of my favourite pass-times .  I also love entertaining or simply lounging with a good book.

What is your latest fashion obsession?

Classic black and a little white is my go to look.  In the summer I like a little more flirty feminine look and some colour.  I also adore boho luxe clothing.  It is such a free spirited way to dress.  Chanel, Ellie Saab are some of my runway favourites.  I love natural fibres and fabrics, nothing like linen or fine cottons.

Whose style have you been copying lately?

I love Kate Moss’s look – a combination of hippy, punk and glam rock.  She makes it look effortless.   But I also love the classic style of Jackie O’ – glamorous yet uncomplicated.

What has you going back again & again for restaurants in Niagara?

Organic, fresh vegetarian options.  I love the farm to table philosophy and knowing where my food is coming from.

Weekend is coming, how will you treat yourself?

I love Sunday’s because it is my one day off.  It begins with café au lait in bed while I browse through my favourite blogs or Instagram.  Then it’s off for a run.  The afternoons are usually spent with friends and family.

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