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Catching up with Alyssa Kerbel – mini mioche Inc. – Grant Winner

Since winning the Shannon Passero Women’s Business Grant in December 2013, my business has changed immensely.  The grant money allowed me to implement several marketing and growth strategies that I would not have been able to execute at the time otherwise.  Some of these strategies included hiring and working with a PR and promotions company to help gain more awareness for the mini mioche brand, hiring an SEO specialist to ensure maximum exposure for our online business and the purchase of a local children’s footwear company and development and launch of our own collection of infant and kids booties this fall.  As a result of these strategies and several others that we implemented over the past 9 months, our gross sales are up 60% year to date over 2013!

There is no reason why anyone who fits the criteria for this grant should not apply, no matter what stage of the game you are at with your business.  Not only does winning the grant give you the extra finances needed to do things and make changes that will positively impact your business, you also get to connect with Shannon (an amazing mentor and role model) and other inspiring women entrepreneurs.

spdesignsCatching up with Alyssa Kerbel – mini mioche Inc. – Grant Winner