The Old Firehall

I love everything about this building and it is not just the building itself that has proven inspiring – I soon realized how crucial the building has been to the history of the city.

The Old Firehall, a landmark in downtown Thorold, was designed by the architect John Latshaw and built for $2,483.

It has a combination bell tower and hose tower, yellow and red brickwork, semi-circular wood windows, and a circular wood window in the gable end at the tower. Decorative yellow brick frame each window.

The bell which hung in its tower remained in use until 1964, when the fire department moved into its new hall nearby on Towpath Street. In 1967 the old bell was installed in the new firehall.

The building held the dual responsibility of fire hall and home to the town’s police force and to this day contains a jail in the basement.

Shannon’s first retail store was located on the first floor of the building and is full of antique furnishings, as well as re purposed vintage treasures.

The old Thorold post office counter top was customized and installed in the store, while the cash counter came from an old General Store. The original outside lights were re-installed, and the original doors were re-purposed as interior sliding doors for modern use.

The studio on the second floor is the new home to the design and development team for Neon Buddha and Pure Handknit.

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